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X STOP Procedure

X-stop The X STOP is a new FDA-approved device for the treatment of lumbar spinal stenosis.  Patients with lumbar spinal stenosis may experience leg pain, tingling or numbness with walking.  Many of these patients may have temporary relief with rest or bending forward.  Non-operative treatment is usually recommended initially for patients with spinal stenosis. 

The X STOP device is a titanium spacer which is inserted between the spinous processes in selected patients as an alternative to laminectomy and/or fusion.  Unlike a laminectomy, no bone removal is required.  Generally placement of the X STOP can be performed under local anesthesia in under one hour.  Patients are walking that same day.  Currently the X STOP is approved for one or two level spinal stenosis with or without a spondylolisthesis in selected patients.